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Aug. 22, 2019

High Efficiency Air Filter for Microelectronics Industry

In the design and test technology of microelectronics, with the improvement of integration and complexity of integrated system, redundancy technology and fault-tolerant technology will be widely used in design technology. This will be more stringent for the cleanliness of the air in the clean room.

High efficiency air filters are widely used in the air-conditioning terminal air supply of dust-free purification workshop in various industries. The lithography process size of integrated circuits is the decisive factor to promote the development of cleanliness requirements. The more advanced the technology, the smaller the size. It has good filtering and cleaning effect. Leading wafer equipment, particle filtration and AMC control are essential. The role of high suction air filters in the microelectronics industry makes particulate filtration and AMC control a major concern of the semiconductor industry with high returns and low return rates.

The functional requirements of microelectronic products are getting higher and higher. If the particles falling on the integrated circuit are larger than 1%-2% of the minimum lithography size, the integrated circuit will become a waste. Metal particles, ions, bacteria and so on are the main culprits of waste products. Air cleanliness directly affects the yield of integrated circuit production. Ultra-efficient filters can filter 0.1um particles.

Failure to control particulates or AMC in clean rooms or carefully will greatly weaken business profits. The main problems of clean rooms are the pollution of products, tools, processes and odors.


The damaged coating on the tuyere surface shall not be installed.

The tuyere should be connected with the air duct immediately after installation, and the opening end should be closed with plastic film and tape.

The size of the air supply port of the high-efficiency air scrubber must meet the design requirements.

Before installation, the air supply outlet of the high efficiency air filter should be installed and replaced in the clean room, and the seam between the flanging of the air outlet and the ceiling plate should be sealed.

Before installing and replacing the air outlet of the effective air passing device in the technical interlayer, the short pipe should be embedded in the civil construction. If there is a crack between the short pipe and the ceiling, it must be sealed.

Article 1 Before installing the high efficiency air filter, it is necessary to sweep and scrape the cleaning room in an all-round way. If dust accumulates in the air-conditioning system, it should be swept and scrubbed again to meet the requirements of cleanliness. If the high efficiency air filter is installed in the technical interlayer or ceiling, the technical interlayer or ceiling should also be thoroughly cleaned and wiped.

Article 2 After the clean room and the purified air-conditioning system meet the cleaning requirements, the purified air-conditioning system must be put into trial operation. Continuous operation for more than 12 hours. Install high efficiency air filter immediately after cleaning and cleaning the clean room again.

Article 3 The transportation and storage of high efficiency air scrubbers shall be shelved in accordance with the direction indicated by the manufacturer. During transportation, it should be handled lightly to prevent severe vibration and collision.

Article 4 Before installation of the HEPA filter, the appearance inspection must be carried out on the site of installation of the HEPA filter. The contents include whether the filter paper, sealant and frame are damaged or not; whether the side length, diagonal line and thickness dimensions meet the requirements; whether the frame has thorns and rust spots (metal frame); whether the performance of the product meets the requirements of the equipment or not.

Then check for leaks. Installation shall be carried out immediately if qualified after inspection and leak detection. When installing, the resistance of each filter should be adjusted reasonably. For one-way flow, the difference between rated resistance and average resistance of each filter should be less than 5% between the high-efficiency air filters on the same ltfpp16 tuyere or supply surface. The cleanliness level is equal to and higher than 100 class cleanroom HEPA filters.

Article 5 The frame for installing high efficiency air filters shall be flat. Permissible deviation of the installation frame of each HPA filter is not more than 1 mm.

Article 6 When gaskets, dry glue, negative pressure seals, liquid tank seals and double-ring seals are used for the seals between the high-efficiency air scrubber and the frame, the packing surface, the filter border surface and the frame groove must be wiped clean.

Article 7 When gaskets are used, the thickness of gaskets should not exceed 8 mm, and the compression rate should be 25%~30%. When the liquid tank seal is used, the liquid level height in the liquid tank should meet the design requirements, and there should be no seepage at the joints of the frame. When Using Double-Ring sealing strip, do not plug the hole in the ring cavity when sticking the sealing strip; both double-ring sealing and negative pressure sealing must keep the negative pressure pipeline unblocked.

Article 8 When installing the HEPA filter, the arrow on the outer frame should be in accordance with the direction of air flow. When mounted vertically, filter paper creases should be perpendicular to the ground.

Air Filter Electronics Industry

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