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  • PES Filter Membrane Cartridges is Adopt
  • PES Filter Membrane Cartridges is Adopt
  • PES Filter Membrane Cartridges is Adopt

PES Filter Membrane Cartridges is Adopt


YTPES Series PES filter cartridges choose PES membrane which imported from abroad as filtration medium. It adopts imported highly pure extrude PP net as supporting guide layer.

Products Details

Product Description:

YTPES Series PES filter cartridges choose PES membrane which imported from abroad as filtration medium. It adopts imported highly pure extrude PP net as supporting guide layer. Absolutely deal with the trouble of fiber releasing. Easily and effectively reach the maximum filtration area, long products service life.

Performance features:

● Extremely low protein absorption rate helps getting maximum recovery of precious protein.

● Impressive flow rate improves filtering speed

● Filtering accuracy very high, good solvent resistance features, widely used in application.

● Very limited dissolved matter.

● Wide chemical compatibility;

● Extremely low precipitates;

● The filter membrane is hydrophilic


● Biological products, infusion, injection, water usage in pharmacy, diagnostic reagents, bottle washing water, solvent, etc end user's filtration. Corrosive liquid sterilization filtration.

● Bacterial filtering of beer, grape wine, mineral water and other soft drink

● Pure water and other process fluid filtration in microelectronics, precision machinery and other industry.

● Sterile filtration of vaccine;

● Sterile filtration of blood products;

● Sterile filtration of raw material medicine, injections, infusion and other drugs;

● Filtration of cell culture medium;

● Filtration of de-ionized water;

● Terminal filtration of semiconductor wet equipment;

The first choice of micro-aperture filter membrane filtration in pharmacy industry, food industry, chemical industry, and other end user filtration needs.

Quality assurance:

● ISO9001: 2008 guaranteed quality management system;

● Traceability management system of each filter;

● Filter elements are flushed and pass integrity test before filter elements are left from the factory;

● The batch passes through bacterial challenge test for confirming 100% bacteria interception ability;

Biological safety:

Biological Safety: The product materials comply with USP in-vivo VI-121 ℃ plastic biological response test.

Endotoxin: <0.25EU/ml;

Cleanliness: The product is in line with 2010 GMP requirements on injection of particles;

Readily oxidizable substance: the substance should be in line with 2010 GMP test requirements of particle contents in injections after water rinsing for 2000ml;

TOC/conductivity: after the product is flushed with 20L injection water at 25 ℃ (10〃) . It is in line with requirements of 2010 GMP on total organic carbon contents and conductivity in injection water.

Filter element material composition:

Filter membranePES filter membrane
Diversion materialPolypropylene
Outer shellPolypropylene
Seal ringPlease see Filter Element Model Selection Table
Center rodPolypropylene or 316L stainless steel

Integrity test:

The lowest bubbling point in pure water(MPa)≥0.48≥0.34≥0.25≥0.16

Main application technical indicators:

Maximum operating temperature85℃/0.1MPa
Maximum operating pressure difference0.42MPa/25℃
Recommended operating pressure difference0.1-0.2MPa/25℃
Maximum back-pressure difference0.2MPa/25℃
Effective filtration area (10 inches)≥0.6㎡
Forward online steam sterilization (135 ℃)30min/time
Disinfection by Disinfection cabinet (121 ℃)30min/time