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  • PP Pleated Filter Cartridge Wholesale
  • PP Pleated Filter Cartridge Wholesale

PP Pleated Filter Cartridge Wholesale

Products Details

Advanced process and the newest design

YITONG Polypropylene filter cartridge adopts micro Polypropylene as main membrane material, has more than 90% dust holding space, suitable for liquid pre-filtration and precision filtration.

YTPP series filter cartridge has the special ability to block particles, effectively protect the end sterile filtration and prolong the service life of end sterile filtration.


Product advantages 

High voids volume filter media

High flow rates

Low pressure drops

Good adsorption ability, high filtration efficiency

Product application 

Particle removing filtration

High viscosity liquid, rich gel liquid prefiltration

Serum and plasma products prefiltration

Photographic etching agent and magnetic ink filtration


Dissolved matter every10": <30mg

Endotoxin: <0.25EU/ml


Structure Material 

Membrane: Polypropylene

Support layer: Polypropylene

Central support / shell / end cap: Polypropylene or SS304

Seal o-ring: Silicon, Viton or EPDM

Working environment

The highest working temperature: 80 ℃

The MAX working difference:  4 bar @ 21 ℃; 2.4 bar @ 80 ℃

Steam sterilization:121℃/30min

Flow rate:9.2m3/hr/40”@21℃  


Filtration area

Filtration area: 0.65m2/10”



PP Pleated Filter Cartridge

Product type selection 

YTPPFiltration accuracyTop capLengthSupporting frameBottom portSeal ring

0022=0.22μmS=Spear10”Default=PP222S= Silicone rubber

0045=0.45μmT=Triangle head20”SS=stainless steel226V= Viton

0065=0.65μmSOE=Single open end30”
222SS(SS inner support)E=EPDM

0100=1μmDOE=Double open end40”
226SS(SS inner support)P=PTFE






FOB Tianjin price

Production nameConnectionFiltration accuracySize(inch)Q’ty(PCS)Unit Price(USD/PC)
YTPP filter cartridgeSOE1”10”103.71
YTPP filter cartridgeSOE5”10”103.69
YTPP filter cartridgeSOE10”10”103.68
YTPP filter cartridgeSOE1”20”107.42
YTPP filter cartridgeSOE5”20”107.38
YTPP filter cartridgeSOE10”20”107.36
Grand TotalPCSUSD


1 Packages:

Standard package for sea shipping. Vacuum plastic bag, then put into big carton box packed.

2 Payment:

L/C at sight or 100% T/T in advance through Alibaba trade assurance.

3 Inspection:

All products are inspected by our QC before delivery. If a third party inspection needed. Should send formal email to us at least 7 days before delivery.

PP Pleated Filter Cartridge