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  • Overturn Titanium Filter Housing
  • Overturn Titanium Filter Housing

Overturn Titanium Filter Housing

Products Details

Sewing fluid filter housing is specially designed for the material liquid situation of high solid content of impurities. With metal titanium filter cartridge or stainless steel filter cartridge, can achieve a good solid liquid separation effect.

The titanium filter cartridge can remove the water heterochromatic, odor and mercury, lead, cadmium, zinc, iron, manganese, chrome and other heavy metals and removal of arsenic from water, hydrides, sulfides.

The filter is made of s.s 304 or 316L. shell with flange connection. It is used for industrial field decarburization filtration and the high oxidizing solution filtration.


1. The filter shell can turn 180˚, the solid impurity particles of the cartridge external can be drained completed.

2. The filter faceplate can be made into a detachable type, to achieve thorough cleaning. We can add wheels at the bottom of the filter. Convenient to move.


Electronics industry: electronic, microelectronics, semiconductor industry water filtration.

Pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical raw material, solvent liquid medicine, decarbonize material filtration.

Chemical industry: organic solvents, chemical reagents, liquid raw material, catalysts,

Food industry: beer, beverage, mineral water, vegetable oil, soy sauce, vinegar.

Oil refining industry: oilfield refill water filtration, industry filtration before reverse osmosis, desalination field.

1. Surface finish

treatment typeMechanical polishing
Polishing precisionInner surface Ra≦0.4um, Outside surface Ra≦0.6um

2. Operating condition

Max operating pressure: 0.6 Mpa/1.0 Mpa

Max operating temperature: 150 ℃

3. Material

Shell/cylinder: 304/316L

Vent valve/drain valve: 304/316L

Eye-bolt: S.S304

Stabilizer blade: S.S 304


4. Connection:

Connection of shell: flange(eye bolt)

In-outlet N1, N2: flange, tri-clamp, screw thread

Down valve N3: tri-clamp

Pressure gauge N4: tri-clamp

Vent valve: thread screw

Reject valve N6: Quick open flange with hinge

5. Picture

Overturn Titanium Filter Housing