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Dust Filter Element

Products Details

The filter cartridge is a kind of cylindrical element used for filtering. It is generally divided into two types: the filter cartridge used for filtering gas medium and the filter cartridge used for filtering liquid medium. The filter cartridge of filter liquid medium is usually installed in the filter of pipeline. The shape of filter cartridge is usually conical, so it is also called conical filter cartridge.

The filter cartridge belongs to the surface filter element, which uses the tiny air permeable tissue formed on the surface of the filter material to block the granular substances in the gas.

The filter cartridge is a commonly used dust trap device, which has the characteristics of high capture rate, low resistance and easy to put into the flue for sampling. It is widely used for sampling particulate matter, cooking oil fume, asphalt fume, chromic acid fog, sulfuric acid fog and other pollutants. According to the material, it can be divided into two kinds: glass fiber filter cartridge and corundum filter cartridge. The most widely used one is glass fiber filter cartridge. The glass fibre filter cartridge is made of superfine glass fibre, and the capture rate of dust particles above 0.5 micron can reach 99.9%.


The common filter cartridges are wood pulp fiber filter paper and spun-bonded polyester non-woven fabric. The polyester non-woven fabric can be coated, oil-proof, water-proof and static-proof.


The size of the filter cartridge is generally referred to foreign samples. The common specifications are 12.75', 13.84', and 26'. Converted into metric system, they are 325 * 660 mm and 350 * 660 mm.


Installation mode

The installation of filter cartridge can be divided into vertical lifting, inclined installation according to specific angle, flange installation and so on.


1. Improving the effective filtering area greatly;

2. Guarantee a low and stable pressure difference and increase the flow rate of air;

3. The filter element is compact and easy to install.

4. Particularly suitable for industries with high dust concentration

Contrast with filter bag

1. Filtration area increases by 3-5 times, and filtration wind speed decreases greatly.

2. The dust removal rate increased to 99.99%.

3. The filter cartridge is short in length and has a large surplus space, which is conducive to dust deposition.

4. The service life of the filter cartridge is prolonged.

5. Venturi tube and cage are all exempted.

6. The filter elements are short and few, easy to install (top loading), easy to repair and replace.