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  • YT-2P2S PP  All-Plastic Bag Filter

YT-2P2S PP All-Plastic Bag Filter


It is made of imported PP of SAMSUNG TOTAL, adopted one-time injection molding technology, can match with the Industrial standard bag no. 2 There is no dead angle make sure no liquid loading . The fluid comes in from the side of the filter, the particles will be stopped in the filter bag, then comes out at the bottom of the filter. 

Products Details

High flux, easy to take apart to clean. Different filter bags with different ratings can be adopted according to the filtration requirements. It has a long service life because it can be cleaned repeatedly, which helps to 

reduce the operating cost.


Filtration area:1㎡:

Material:Imported PP of SAMSUNG TOTAL


Inlet and exhaust:DN80



Flow rate:(viscosity=1cP):40m³/h