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COALESCING FILTERS,Coalescence Filter Cartridge

Oct. 13, 2020

Coalescing is a process of separation, used by the Process Industry for liquid – liquid separation and liquid – gas separation. This process involves the coalescing (joining) of small particles or droplets of water in to larger one by means of barrier or electrical energy. When mixture of two different liquids, or Liquid – gas forms are outcome of any of process, as an example Oil and Gas refinery process, which are un soluble to one another and forms an emulsion suspension, in such application fluid, the dispersed fluid forms droplets during the process. During coalescing, these no. of tiny droplets come together to form a bigger droplet. These bigger droplets can be formed through attraction of microscopic water or liquid dewdrops. The dewdrops come together by the force of molecular attraction and surface tension. When they reach to a sufficient bigger size to be fallen downward due to gravity, they are collected at bottom side arrangement and removed through suitable means. Density difference of both fluids play an important part to cause droplets to rise or fall by their buoyancy.