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Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge

Mar. 13, 2024

Utilizing polypropylene composite filter membrane as the primary filtering material, this type of filter cartridge represents an advanced fixed-depth filtration core. Its nominal filtration accuracy ranges from 0.1μm to 60μm. The filtration membrane remains unaffected by fluctuations in feed pressure, ensuring consistent filtration precision. Its distinctive features include low-pressure differentials, high throughput, excellent filtration accuracy, and relatively low economic costs, making it highly favored by a wide range of users.

Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge features:

- Relative filtration accuracy, retention rate of over 90%.

- Wide chemical compatibility, high flow rate, low-pressure drop.

- No medium shedding, compliant with pharmaceutical industry standards.

- Wide range of filtration accuracies to meet various application requirements.

- Welded using heat fusion technology, firm and free from release of contaminants.

- Can be sterilized by chemical methods or online steam disinfection.

- Can be cleaned and regenerated, economical and practical.

Typical applications of Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge:

- Reverse osmosis water systems, pre-filtration for deionized water systems.

- Filtration of beverages, wines, mineral water, purified water, edible oils, etc.

- Filtration of chemical solvents, fine chemicals, inks, etc.

- Filtration of pharmaceutical liquids, agents, pharmaceutical-grade water.

- Others: bioproducts, plasma, oilfield reinjection water, gas filtration, etc.

Product characteristics:

- Outstanding chemical compatibility, suitable for filtering strong acids, alkalis, and organic solvents.

- The filter membrane is a folded deep-layer filter with a large membrane filtration area.

- Low pressure drop, strong dirt holding capacity, long service life.

- Wide range of filtration accuracies to choose from.

Application areas:

- Our filter cartridges are economical and can serve as alternatives to membrane filter cartridges.

- Post-filtration for ion exchange beds.

- Pre-protective filter cartridges for expensive terminal fine filtration.

- Filtration of bulk chemicals.

- Filtration of fluids for polymers, coatings, and inks.

- Capturing filtration of yeast in beer.