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Polytetrafluoroethylene Sintered Filter Cartridge

Jan. 11, 2024

The sintered filter cartridge manufacturer is here to talk about the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sintered filter cartridge. The sintered PTFE filter cartridge is made from pure PTFE raw materials, sintered at high temperature and pressure. Therefore, this filter cartridge has strong acid and alkali resistance, high alkaline capability, and high strength and toughness. At the same time, the filter cartridge can withstand high temperatures up to 200°C, earning it the nickname "king of filter cartridges." PTFE filter cartridges come in standard M20, 222, and 226 interface forms, which are interchangeable with other filter cartridges. They also feature flat push, plate-type interfaces for precision sizing and steam filtration, and can be customized with various interface types.

Product Performance

Resistant to strong acids and alkalis.

High-temperature resistance up to 200°C, suitable for steam sterilization and steam filtration.

High porosity: Unlike conventional metal sintered filter cartridges with porosity below 30%, PTFE sintered filter cartridges have a porosity exceeding 50%, providing a larger fluid flow for the same filtration area.

Smooth outer surface: The outer surface of the filter cartridge is as smooth as "wax," preventing impurities from adhering to the surface. The high outer surface filtration precision and low inner layer filtration precision make cleaning easy, thorough, and highly effective, resulting in an extended service life.

High strength and toughness: The filter cartridge's high strength and toughness make it resistant to breakage, a significant advantage over metal filter cartridges, effectively addressing the issue of "breakage" causing substantial losses for manufacturers.

High filtration precision: The filtration precision of PTFE sintered filter cartridges can reach 0.3μm or even below 0.1μm, surpassing the capabilities of typical metal filter cartridges. The combination of high filtration precision and porosity provides good fluid flow under high filtration precision conditions, ensuring practicality.

No "particle shedding" phenomenon: The inner and outer surfaces of the PTFE sintered filter cartridge are very smooth and fully sintered at high temperature and pressure, preventing "particle shedding" during use and avoiding fluid contamination. Therefore, it is widely used in security filtration in the water purification, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Strong ozone resistance: The thorough sintering at high temperature and pressure gives the filter cartridge higher ozone resistance compared to PTFE pleated membranes. It finds extensive application in the pharmaceutical, water purification, and food industries for ozone aeration and sterilization filtration.

Applications in Various Industries

I. Pharmaceutical Industry

Used for filtering and washing antibiotic fermentation broth (e.g., erythromycin).

Powdered activated carbon and decolorization filtration (medicinal glucose solution, antibiotics, synthetic drugs, formulations, herbal medicine liquids, etc.).

Injectable drug liquids.

Injectable bottle washing water.

Fine crystal filtration (e.g., rifampicin fine crystals).

Oral liquids (e.g., Naoxintong, Marine Treasure).

Herbal extract liquids (e.g., allicin).

Industrial water filtration.

Air filtration for injectables.

Wine filtration.

II. Chemical Industry

Filtration and washing of aluminum hydroxide.

Filtration and washing of aluminum oxide.

Filtration and washing of palladium catalyst.

Filtration and washing of fluorescent powder.

Zinc carbonate filtration.

Sodium carbonate solution filtration.

Filtration and washing of zinc sulfide.

Filtration and washing of cadmium sulfide.

Filtration and washing of lithopone.

Iron removal filtration before the production of hydrogen peroxide by electrolysis.

Gas-liquid separation and washing of oil and ash in ammonia gas.

Precise pre-filtration of water before electrodialysis.

Filtration and washing of tantalum hydroxide and niobium hydroxide.

III. Chemical Fiber and Textile Industry

Acid bath filtration.

Filtration for purification of sulfuric acid sodium.

Precise water filtration for silk weaving.

IV. Wastewater Treatment

Heavy metal wastewater (filtration of heavy metal hydroxides).

Chromium-containing wastewater.

Copper-containing wastewater.

Nickel-containing wastewater.

Lead-containing wastewater.

Cadmium-containing wastewater.

Acidic heavy metal wastewater from iron mines.

Mixed heavy metal wastewater.

Iron-containing wastewater.

Aluminum-containing wastewater.

V. Chemical Wastewater

Filtration of dye wastewater (e.g., sand-based phenol sodium).

Manganese sulfate wastewater.

Catalyst wastewater.

Fluorine-containing wastewater.

Gas dedusting and washing wastewater.

Distiller's grains wastewater.

Sulfur-containing wastewater.

Latex paint wastewater.

Other wastewater.

Ceramic wastewater.

Purification and recovery of mine shaft wastewater.

VI. Light Industry and Food Industry

Syrup filtration.

Beverage filtration.

Filtration of white wine and grape wine.

Filtration of floral water, etc.

Precision filtration of seaweed gum.

Precision filtration of vegetable oil.

Mineral water filtration.

VII. Mechanical and Petroleum Industry

Filtration of electroplating solution.

Precision filtration of internal combustion engine cleaning solution.

Filtration of oil well washing water.

Precision filtration in the ultrapure water preparation system in the electronics industry.

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