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What are the Types and Precautions of Air Purification Filters?

Mar. 09, 2020

Air purification filters are mainly used to control the pollution of dust particles or capture suspended particles in the air through air circulation filtration in order to recycle and protect the environment and human health. They are widely used in indoor and outdoor air quality. control. At present, in many cleanroom projects, the installation and purchase of purification filters are involved. In most cases, they are installed at the air inlets and air outlets of air conditioning equipment. The following explains the types of air purification filters and precautions for purchase by China Air Filter Element Manufacturer:

HEPA Filter with Partition

HEPA Filter with Partition

The main role of the air purification filter is the internal filter material. The types of filter material mainly include fiber filter material, composite filter material, and functional filter material. Among them, composite filter materials and functional filter materials have risen in recent years. Research hotspots. According to the actual requirements of use, air purification filters are divided into primary efficiency filters, intermediate efficiency filters, and high efficiency filters. Junior and intermediate efficiency filters are generally used in the primary stage of air filtration, while high efficiency filters are mainly used in air filtration systems The end. Similarly, since the filtration efficiency of different filter materials is very different, in the specific purchase process, targeted purchases need to be made according to the specific production environment requirements.

In the current Gas Filtration Cartridge market, filters using micro glass fiber as the filter medium still dominate, but membrane manufacturers are also developing in the field of air filtration, providing efficient membrane filters, and improving membranes at low airflow resistance Filtration performance. They believe that in high-efficiency air filtration and dust collection applications, membrane filters will soon replace microfiber glass filters, but the current mainstream equipment provided by air purification filter manufacturers is still mainly glass fiber filter.

In the process of using the air purification filter, it is necessary to regularly clean and maintain its internal structural components to prevent excessive dust accumulation for a long time, which will cause the filter material inside the purification filter to be blocked and affect the filtration performance. At present, there are many manufacturers of air purification filters. When purchasing, you should pay attention to the product layout of the manufacturer, such as whether there are many product types and whether it has served some well-known enterprises.

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