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Why Does the Air Volume of the Air Filter Become Smaller?

Jul. 21, 2020

I believe that many customers have some doubts about this issue during the product use process. Today, V Type Combined Filter Supplier will explain several reasons for the decrease in the air volume of the air filter.

Plate Type Filter

Plate Type Filter

1: Confirm whether the final resistance of the air filter (that is, the value of its report) has reached the final resistance during the use of the product. Generally, the final resistance of the air filter is 400-600pa.

2: Whether the front-end primary effect filter and intermediate-efficiency filter of the air filter has also reached the final resistance value. Because of the previous initial effect, the intermediate-efficiency mainly plays the role of protecting the air filter. If the front-end primary intermediate-efficiency filter reaches The reported damage value also affects the air volume of the air filter.

3: The problem with the air-conditioning unit is whether the air volume of the air-conditioning unit reaches the air volume required for the entire clean space during use.

What are the characteristics of air conditioning air filters?

1. Special structure: The structure of the air filter of the air conditioner is quite special, mainly adopting the concave-convex honeycomb design, which can be used in air filtration and sewage filtration system.

2. Can be washed repeatedly: The air filter of the air conditioner can be washed repeatedly, which saves costs.

From the classification of air conditioning filters, it can be divided into three-dimensional air conditioning filters and bedroom air conditioning filters. The three-dimensional air-conditioning filter is composed of three layers of filters. The first layer is a dust filter, the second layer is an activated carbon mesh, and the third layer is a reinforced mesh. The frequency of replacement is once a month or two. The other is the bedroom air conditioning filter, which is divided into two layers, the first layer is an activated carbon mesh, and the second layer is a reinforcing mesh. The frequency of replacement is the same as the three-dimensional air conditioning filter.

Regarding the maintenance and maintenance methods of the air conditioning filter, if you want to maintain the normal use of the air conditioning unit, you must pay attention to daily maintenance.

The maintenance cycle depends on the frequency of use. If the frequency of use is large, the maintenance interval should be shortened. When cleaning the air conditioner filter, pay attention to the water temperature, not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, and use professional detergent to clean it, so as to ensure the cleaning effect. Of course, it cannot be dried after cleaning. Natural drying can be used. Pay attention to the position of the air-conditioning unit during the assembly process. You must see how the air flow surface is placed. If it is placed backwards, it will affect the use effect. These are all Matters needing attention when using air conditioning filters.

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