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Why does Filtration Cartridge Filter Effect not Ideal?

Apr. 07, 2020

What is the reason for the poor filtering effect of Filtration Cartridge? A friend who has a filter cartridge may encounter that the filter cartridge is not clean, then you can see if it is the cause of the filter selection problem? As a China Air Filter Element Supplier, share with you.

Ti Powder Sintered Filter Cartridge

Ti Powder Sintered Filter Cartridge

Choosing anthracite and quartz sand as the filter material, due to the small particle size will increase the resistance of the operation, the filter material will be plated in the case of incomplete backwashing, resulting in poor filtration effect. See if it is a problem of backwash strength. Backwash intensity = backwash water volume (L) / filtration area (m2) × rinse time (s). The backwashing strength requirement must not exceed the flushing strength allowed by the upper filter material, and ensure that the lower quartz sand has sufficient backwashing time, rinsed, the backwashing strength is too large, it is easy to run the material, if the strength is too low, it will not be cleaned. Improper intensity control during water-air mixed washing will cause mixing of the media filter during backwashing.

The filter effect is not good, the filter head also plays an important role in it. If the plastic material selected for the filter head is not strong enough, it is likely to cause damage in the work, and the filter material will be lost, resulting in a poor filter effect. Finally, when using the filter, we should pay attention to the filter material is hardened, the material is running seriously, and the filtration effect is poor.The filter material must be replaced every 6 months to 1 year, and the effluent water quality fluctuates greatly, and the oil removal effect is not it is good. The filter mesh product is set on the suction line of the pump to filter out the residual pollutants in the oil tank and the pollutants entering through the air hole, which has the role of protecting the pump. However, in order to avoid the cavitation phenomenon of the pump, it is necessary to pay full attention to the pressure loss. Generally, a 100-200-mesh coarse metal mesh or notched wire material is used. Therefore, it is not a filter that controls the pollution concentration of the system.

The filter cartridge is a cylindrical element used for filtering, which is generally divided into filter cartridges for filtering gas media and liquid media. The filter cartridge for filtering liquid media is generally installed in the pipeline filter. The shape of the filter is usually conical, which is also called the conical filter. Compared with the filter bag type, what are the unique features of the filter cartridge?

(1) The filtering area of the filter cartridge is increased by 3-5 times than that of the filter bag type, and the filtering wind speed is also greatly reduced;

(2) The efficiency of dust removal has been increased by nearly 99.99%, and the service life has also been greatly extended;

(3) Compared with the filter bag type, the length of the filter cartridge is shorter, there is much more space, which helps the dust to settle;

(4) The filter elements of the filter cartridge are short and few, easy to install, and easy to overhaul and replace in case of failure.

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