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What is the Application Method of Metal Filter Cartridge?

May. 07, 2020

As a Filtration Element Manufacturer, share with you. Nowadays, everyone is paying attention to energy saving and emission reduction. Stainless steel filter is a product often used in the filtration industry. This product has a very important role in the environmental protection industry, but some people can’t control it correctly The application method, so its service life becomes shorter and shorter. The use of Metal Filter Cartridge has doubled with the development of the economy. People are closely related to stainless steel in their usual livelihoods. However, many people do not know much about the function of stainless steel, and they know less about stainless steel maintenance. Many people think that stainless steel is never rusty, true, stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance. The reason is that the surface constitutes a passivation film, which exists in the shape of a more stable oxide in nature.

316L Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge

316L Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge

How to extend the service life of the stainless steel filter element, so that everyone can better use this filtration equipment, first of all, in the process of using this filter element, it is necessary to avoid some large particles or a large amount of solid matter from entering the filter element system, we are using During the process, it is necessary to avoid the infiltration of the filter element.

During the operation, we need to do regular inspection and maintenance. After the filter element is used, we need to stop cleaning. After a long period of use, there will be some residual waste or impurities, so we need to regularly clean up, in addition to the above In addition, the humidity of the filter paper is also required, and the filter paper can not show the dry condition during the application process.

We can keep the filter paper in a wet state for a long time, which can extend its service life very well, and can make its filtering effect more precise. The stainless steel filter has corrosion resistance, high filtration accuracy, support for cleaning, strong sealing effect, and long service life. If you want to get a better application effect, remember to learn to use the stainless steel filter correctly.

For a stainless steel filter, it is just a filter designed to filter all used debris. The reason why such a filter can be used in such a wide range of applications is largely related to its own characteristics. It has many characteristics, the specific characteristics are strong corrosion resistance, good oil resistance, good waterproof performance, not easy to rust and so on.

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