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What are the 5 characteristics of Gas Filtration Cartridge?

Jan. 19, 2020

Gas Filtration Cartridge effectively has a baffle filter using a baffle-type design. The corrugated baffle can effectively maintain the pitch of the pleats and use the filter material to a large extent with small resistance. It can be applied to large air volume ventilation systems, pharmaceutical, hospital, food, clean room and other air filtration systems. It can be used as the end of the coarse and medium-efficiency filtration system or the pre-filtration of the effective filtration system. Structure: metal frame, aluminum foil or offset paper with separator, effective sealant for sealing. The filter element is a professional term for filtering and purifying functions. In order to purify the resources of the original fluid and a simple device for separating resources, the filter element is now mainly used in the filtration industries such as oil filtration, air filtration, and water filtration. The filter element separates solid particles in liquid or gas or makes different material components fully contact to speed up the reaction time, which can protect the normal operation of the equipment or clean the air. When the fluid enters the filter element with a certain size filter, its impurities are blocked, And the clean fluid flows out through the filter element. 

HEPA Filter with Partition

HEPA Filter with Partition

1. High filtration accuracy and good effluent quality. The total removal rate of impurities in water bodies can reach 98%, and it can also remove macromolecules such as organics, bacteria, and viruses.

2. Fast filtering speed. Fibre filter material increases the gap of the filter bed and improves the filtration speed

3. Thorough backwashing and low water consumption. The rotor drives the fiber filaments to rotate irregularly, which accelerates the separation of suspended matter and improves the cleaning speed.

4. Strong ability to adapt to various media. A variety of fiber filters combine to make them more adaptable to various media than other ordinary filters

5. The surface treatment of the filter is oleophobic

HEPA Filter with Partition

There are three types of air filters: coarse-effect filters, medium-effect filters, and high-efficiency filters. The separator is made of rubber paper or aluminum foil. The sealing rubber strip uses neoprene, which has a large filtering area, large dust holding capacity, and resistance. Low life, long life, wide application range. Folding shape to increase the filtering area and high-strength aluminum alloy frame to make a plate structure.

The coarse effect filter should be installed after the fresh air outlet of the air handling unit, or after the new and return air mixing section, before the air preheater to prevent the surface area of the preheater from reducing the heat transfer effect; the medium efficiency filter should be installed in the blower The positive pressure section of the outlet to prevent the clean air passing through the medium efficiency filter from being polluted by the untreated air that has penetrated into the air handling unit; the high-efficiency filter should be installed at the air outlet of the cleanroom to ensure that it passes through the third stage The filtered clean air is not contaminated again.

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