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How to Choose Metal Filter Element?

Feb. 03, 2020

1. Appropriate filter element with appropriate pore size. For sterilization, select 0.2um-0.5um pore size filter element, medicinal injections, antibiotics, blood products and other polysulfone filter elements. If you want to remove the particles in the liquid, the larger ions and impurities of microorganisms and bacteria, such as liquor, rice wine, wine, oral liquid, you can choose a pore size of 1-5um. Filtering high-temperature gas and fermentation air disinfection gas should use the PTFE filter element.

2. Ti Powder Sintered Filter Cartridge, which is equipped with filter elements with different apertures. In order to achieve the purpose of fine filtration, pre-filtration equipment (diatomite for draught beer, cardboard filter. Plate and frame, meltblown, winding type for pharmaceutical factories) must be used in the early stage, and then a microporous bacteria-removing filter element is used. It can achieve the purpose of fine filtration.

3. Generally use mineral water, medicinal sterile water, electronic industry integrated circuit water, food industry high-quality water. China Filter Cartridge For Liquid should be designed as an independent filtration system, which can be backwashed to save production costs.

4. In addition to selecting a high-quality filter element, you must also choose a high-quality filter. Whether the stainless steel processing is fine and whether it is smooth inside and outside, especially the three types of sockets 222, 226, and flat mouth are internationally used. Do not make mistakes. Otherwise, it can not be used, or due to rough processing, plugged in will not achieve the effect of sealing and filtering.

Note: When using a stainless steel housing, pay attention to whether the filtered liquid has a corrosive effect on stainless steel. If not applicable, a filter of other materials should be used.

Ti Powder Sintered Filter Cartridge

Ti Powder Sintered Filter Cartridge

The filter element is a specialized term for filtering and purifying functions. In order to purify the resources of the original fluid and a simple device for separating resources, the filter element is now mainly used in oil filtration, air filtration, water filtration and other filtration industries. The filter element separates solid particles in liquid or gas or makes different material components fully contact to speed up the reaction time, which can protect the normal operation of the equipment or clean the air. When the fluid enters the filter element with a certain size filter, its impurities are blocked. And the clean fluid flows out through the filter element. The liquid filter element makes the liquid (including oil, water, etc.) clean the contaminated liquid to the state required for production and life, that is, the liquid reaches a certain degree of cleanliness. The service life of the filter element varies depending on the raw materials used. With the use of time, impurities in the water will block the filter element, and the activated carbon filter element will be saturated.

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