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How do we need to Clean the Sintered Mesh Filter Element?

Sep. 21, 2020

As a China Air Filter Element Manufacturer, share with you. Sintered mesh filter element filtration technology is aimed at the blood of machinery and equipment-oil products (including hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cutting fluid, etc.). Based on the requirements of system operation reliability, the concept and strategy of active preventive maintenance are adopted to fully understand equipment operation Condition and dynamic clearance of components, reasonably select the filter precision and filter area of the filter, stainless steel filter element, efficiently filter out the gap size particles, block the chain reaction of wear, and cooperate with regular monitoring to ensure the cleanliness of the oil and the system. So as to achieve the purpose of reducing wear, avoiding maintenance, extending the service life of components and equipment, and improving overall economic benefits.

 Ti Powder Sintered Filter Cartridge

 Ti Powder Sintered Filter Cartridge

Sintered mesh filter element

In the manufacturing industry, because the concept of pollution control and active preventive maintenance of equipment has not been widely promoted, sintered mesh filter element filtration technology has not been widely used. Imported equipment in some developed countries does not pay enough attention to the filtration accuracy requirements of the equipment when selecting filter devices and filter elements, resulting in excessive oil cleanliness soon after being put into operation, and the equipment operation accident rate remains high.

After a period of use, the sintered mesh filter element will be covered with many magazines. If it is not cleaned in time, it will affect the filtration efficiency and effect. Today the manufacturer will introduce to you how to easily clean the filter element.

Simply put, the cleaning of the filter element can be divided into forward cleaning and reverse cleaning.

1. Forward cleaning refers to the cleaning method in which the cleaning agent or cleaning water flows from the upstream to the downstream of the membrane. The process can be completed with a pressure slightly greater than that of the filtered product.

2. Reverse cleaning refers to the cleaning method in which the cleaning agent or cleaning water flows from the downstream to the upstream of the membrane.

3. We do not recommend users to use reverse cleaning, especially the final filter. The reason is that after the reverse cleaning, the cleaning agent or impurities in the cleaning water will remain at the downstream end of the membrane, and even cause pollution to the next batch of products.

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