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How to Use the Filter Element in the Filter Equipment?

Sep. 15, 2020

As a Water Treatment Cartridge Filter Supplier, share with you.

Disinfection method of filter element

1. Disinfect in a special disinfection cabinet, just take out the filter element and place it in the disinfection cabinet, and sterilize it at a high temperature of 121 degrees for 30 minutes;

2. There is also an online disinfection method. Install the filter element in the filter according to the correct steps. The distance between the fixed plate and the filter element is about 0.5mm, and steam sterilization can be used for 30 minutes.

Nylon Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge

Nylon Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge

The identification of the flow direction of the filter element.

Generally speaking, it enters from the outside and exits in the middle, and it can be carried out in different directions when washing forward and backward.

The identification of the filter pore size.

The housing of the filter element is generally marked with hot-melt fonts, and the material and aperture of the filter element are described above.

The installation method of the filter element.

1. Soak the O-ring in the filter element and insert it vertically into the equipment. It must be completely submerged in the stainless steel circular groove;

2. Fix the fin part of the filter element with a stainless steel orifice plate. It does not need to be tight, so as to avoid deformation during high temperature disinfection;

3. Do not touch the filter element directly with your hands when installing; pipe sight glass

4. The filter element should be completely rinsed before installation;

5. When the equipment is turned on or off, be sure to turn the valve slowly, and do not open or close instantaneously.

The maintenance method of the filter element.

After the filter element has been used for a period of time, if it fails to meet the design flow rate, it must be shut down in time, and then open the equipment to remove the filter element from it, rinse its surface with clean water, and then place it in 4% hydrochloric acid Soak for 24 hours, then soak in 4% sodium hydroxide for 24 hours, and finally rinse with water.

The storage method of the filter element:

1. Completely soak the filter element in a special disinfectant, and fill the stainless steel housing of the equipment with disinfectant;

2. Then take out the filter element and dry it;

3. Remember that the filter element that has not been completely dried should not be packed in plastic bags to avoid mold.

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