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What are the cleaning methods for Stainless Steel Filters?

Jan. 08, 2020

SS Wire Mesh Pleated Filter Cartridge's main filter material uses 304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel fiber sintered felt and stainless steel woven mesh as the main filter medium. Rust steel fiber sintered felt is a porous depth made of stainless steel fibers at high temperature Shaped filter material; stainless steel woven mesh is woven from stainless steel wire, the sealing surfaces of the filter element are joined by argon arc welding process, and the filter layer is multi-folded to form a complete filter element, no leakage, no media shedding, and filter area Large, high filtration efficiency.

SS Wire Mesh Pleated Filter Cartridge

SS Wire Mesh Pleated Filter Cartridge

Stainless steel filter has so many benefits, of course, it must be unambiguously maintained. Today, Water Treatment Cartridge Filter Supplier mainly introduces the cleaning methods of stainless steel filter.

1. Ultrasonic cleaning method

The cleaning liquid is acted on by longitudinal waves, which causes it to generate a certain number of small enough vacuum bubbles. These vacuum bubbles will burst when they cannot withstand the pressure, and the stainless steel filter element is washed away by the generated impact force.

2. The baking cleaning method

This method is currently not used in most industries, so I won't repeat it here. Everyone knows that this method is sufficient.

3. Backwashing method

Rhenium is sometimes called the backwashing method. This method uses an inert gas, such as nitrogen, to backwash in the opposite direction of the stainless steel filter.

4. Solution cleaning method

Soak the stainless steel filter element with 5% sodium hydroxide solution or nitric acid solution for 1 hour. The soaking time can be appropriately extended or shortened according to the pollution degree of the stainless steel filter element, and then the filter element can be blown dry with clean air.

Matters needing attention when selecting stainless steel filter

The selection method of stainless steel filter element is divided into four types: coarse filter, ordinary filter, precision filter and special precision filter, which can filter out more than 100μm, Impurities of 10 to 100 μm, 5 to 10 μm, and 1 to 5 μm.

When selecting Metal Filter Cartridge filters, consider the following:

1. The filter has sufficient strength and will not be damaged by the action of hydraulic pressure.

2. The filter has good anti-corrosion performance and can work for a long time at the specified temperature.

3. It can maintain sufficient flow capacity for a long time.

4. Filtration accuracy should meet predetermined requirements.

5. Filter is easy to clean or replace.

Therefore, the stainless steel filter element should be selected according to the technical requirements of the hydraulic system, according to the filtering accuracy, flow capacity, working pressure, oil viscosity, working temperature and other conditions.