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Do you know the Design and Material Selection of Filtration Element?

Feb. 11, 2020

The filter cartridge is a Filtration Element used for filtering, and is generally divided into a filter cartridge for filtering a gas medium and a filtering liquid medium. What is the specific filter cartridge product design and material selection? The following is a brief introduction by Filtration Element Manufacturer:

PP Pleated Filter Cartridge

PP Pleated Filter Cartridge

The installation of the filter cartridge in the dust collector generally has two types: inclined (horizontal) layout and vertical layout. When the filter cartridge is tilted (horizontal), the filter cartridge is easy to disassemble and is more suitable for occasions with low dust concentration. When the filter cartridge is arranged vertically, it can be divided into two types of installation: top-loading and bottom-loading. The top-loading method is that the filter tube is inserted into the flower plate hole downward on the flower plate, and then fixed on the flower plate. Bottom loading is to install the filter cartridge under the flower plate and fix it on the flower plate. When the top-loading type is adopted, the filter cartridge is easy to disassemble, and the operator does not need to enter the dust collector box for operation. When using the bottom-loading type, it is very difficult to install and remove the filter cartridge, because the operator must enter the dust collector box for operation. The working environment is very harsh. The vertical arrangement of the filter cartridges is more suitable for occasions with high dust concentrations. The pulsed dust removal effect of the vertical arrangement of the filter cartridges is better than the oblique (horizontal) arrangement.

Selection of filter cartridge material:

①The choice of filter material should first consider whether the dust is flammable or flammable. If it is flammable or combustible dust, you should consider using antistatic filter material or take other measures to prevent static flashover and explosion.

② With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, dust emission requirements are becoming higher and higher (especially heavy metal dust, silicon dioxide, and other serious harm to human health). Therefore, it is necessary to choose a surface filtration type filter material, which is a This kind of microporous membrane composite filter material has the characteristics of high filtration accuracy, easy dust removal, small resistance and stable operation.

③ If the ambient humidity is high, the dust is easy to absorb moisture, or the dust contains grease, you can consider selecting a filter material with oil, water, and antifouling functions

④ If sparks may be introduced into the system, filter materials with flame retardant function should be selected to avoid combustion of the filter cartridge (special attention should be paid to welding smoke treatment).

⑤ When the dust concentration at the inlet of the dust collector is very low, and the filtering wind speed is also selected to be low (such as atmospheric dust removal, welding smoke treatment, etc.), a thin filter material of ≤180g / M2 can be considered. Single filter cartridge flow.

⑥Working temperature: The working temperature of the filter material based on polyester material is ≤135 ℃, and the stiffness of polyester non-woven fabric will be greatly reduced when it is 80 ℃ ~ 135 ℃. In this way, the folded filter materials are easy to stick together. The ventilation performance is greatly reduced. In this case, our products will take some special measures to make the filter material maintain a uniform folding distance and good ventilation performance.

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