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What do you know about Dust Removal Filter Cartridge?

Nov. 15, 2019

Dust Removal Filter Cartridge is a star filter cartridge that is folded into a pleat by a length of crisp filter material and bonded end to end. The filter cartridge has no cage bone and is easy to install.

The filter cartridge dust collector is composed of a filter cartridge as a filter element or a pulse sprayed dust collector. The filter cartridge dust collector is divided according to the installation method and can be divided into oblique plug type, side mount type, hoisting type and top mount type. According to the filter cartridge material, the filter cartridge dust collector can be divided into long fiber polyester filter cartridge dust collector, composite fiber filter cartridge dust collector, antistatic filter cartridge dust collector, flame retardant filter cartridge dust collector, membrane filter cartridge dust collector, and Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge, etc.

Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge

Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge

There are many types of filter cartridges, which are thin, long and thick and short. The slender filter cartridge has a large gap between the pleats, a large angle, and a small and shallow pleat. The filter area is 2 to 5 times larger than the filter bag of the same diameter, and the cleaning effect is good and the effect is good; the concentration is ≥15g/m. The dust is filtered and dusted, and the filtered wind speed is 0.6 to 1.2 m/min. Short and short filter cartridge (large diameter, short length, pleats and deep, small gap between pleats, large filter area, 14 to 35 times larger than the same diameter and long filter bag area, suitable for small area and small space Arrangement; however, due to the small pleat angle, dust is easy to accumulate and difficult to clean. It is suitable for filtering dust removal with concentration ≤5g/m dust, and the filtering wind speed should not be >0.6m/min.

There are three ways to install the filter cartridge, dust collector: vertical, tilt, and horizontal. The filter cartridge is installed vertically. When the pulse is cleaned, the dust is easy to settle and settle to the ash bucket, and the effect is good. When installing obliquely, the filter cartridges are stacked one on top of the other, the structure is compact, the floor space is small, and it is easy to change the cylinder. However, when the ash is cleaned, the dust falling from the upper filter cartridge sinks on the lower filter cartridge, which is difficult to remove. Horizontal installation, the dust on the upper part of the lower filter cartridge is more difficult to remove. The tilt-mounted filter cartridge dust collector is suitable for the non-stick, low-concentration, coarse-grain dust removal of small and medium dust removal systems, and is also suitable for the retrofitting of some old-fashioned bag dust collectors.

Filter cartridge features

1. greatly improve the effective filtration area;

2. Ensure a low and stable pressure difference and increase the flow ventilation;

3, the filter cartridge components are small and easy to install;

4. It is especially suitable for industries with large dust concentrations.

Cleaning method

The automatic cleaning method commonly used in the filter cartridge is high-pressure gas pulse back-blowing and mechanical vibration. The pulse backflushing is a signal given to the solenoid valve by the parameters preset by the controller, and the diaphragm of the electromagnetic valve is instantly opened and closed, so that the high-pressure gas enters the blowing pipe, and the dust of the surface of the filter cartridge is shaken off by the rapid expansion force of the gas, and the gas pressure is generally We set it to about 6 kg. Mechanical vibration cleaning is often used in small single-unit filter cartridge dust collectors. It uses the shaking force generated by the eccentric device on the dust collector's flower plate to clean the dust. This action requires operation after shutdown. Our company is China Air Filter Element Manufacturer, welcome to come to us.