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Why are PP melt blown filter cartridges so popular?

May. 22, 2020

PP melt blown filter element can be so popular in the environmental protection market, and its advantages are inseparable. 

Why are PP melt blown filter cartridges so popular?cid=3

1 The melt blown filter cartridge has the ability of high dirt retention: in the deep layer of the whole melt blown filter cartridge, the effect of truly catching particles by density classification is realized, so that the effectiveness of the filter cartridge is brought into play; Higher waste retention means longer service life and lower replacement frequency and cost savings; On the surface of the filter cartridge, the density is low, but from the surface to the center of the filter cartridge, the density increases gradually; There are no surface blind spots that will reduce the flow rate of the filter element and increase the frequency of replacement.

2 Pure polypropylene structure: High temperature bonded fiber; Does not contain moisturizing agent, antistatic agent and adhesive, etc. Extensive chemical resistance; Easy to handle after incineration; Comply with FDA requirements for the food and beverage industry; No dissolute or release is produced.

So what do we need to pay attention to when using PP melt blown filter cartridge?

1 The filter cartridge should be selected according to the accuracy of the filter liquid and the impurities it contains. For the viscous liquid, the service life of the filter cartridge can be guaranteed only after the secondary filtration.

2 We must ensure that the correct installation of the filter cartridge, once the filter water is found to be contaminated, must carefully check the filter cartridge, whether there is tilt, etc. If the pressure difference is found to reach 0.2mpa, it is necessary to clean or replace the filter cartridge.

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