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How to select filter cartridge and membrane for high efficiency filter

May. 28, 2020

At present, the filter is widely used in glass fiber, PP fiber, polyester fiber, plant fiber and so on.

The large particles move in the air stream. When the air flow encounters obstacles, the dust will deviate from the direction of the air flow due to inertia and hit the obstacles. The larger the particles are, the stronger the inertia force is, and the more likely they are to hit an obstacle, so the better the filtration is. The smaller the dust is, the more violent the irregular movement is, the more chances of hitting the obstacles are, so the better the filtration is.

The small particle dust in the air is mainly Brownian motion, the smaller the particle is, the higher the efficiency of the filter is; the large particle dust is mainly inertial motion, the larger the particle is, the higher the efficiency of the filter is. For filter performance, the efficiency value at the low point of filter efficiency is representative.

If the filter material has static electricity or the dust has static electricity, the filtration can be improved. There are two main reasons: static electricity makes the dust change its trajectory and collide with obstacles; static electricity makes the dust stick firmly on the medium.

The dust captured by the filter resistance has additional resistance to the air flow, and the resistance of the filter will gradually increase in use. The captured dust and filter medium are integrated to form additional obstacles, so the filter efficiency in use will also be improved. Most of the captured dust is concentrated on the windward side of the filter material. The larger the filter material area, the more dust it can hold, the longer the service life of the filter.

The more dust accumulated on the filter material, the greater the resistance. When the resistance is unreasonable, the filter will be discarded. Sometimes, too much resistance will make the dust caught on the filter fly away. In case of this danger, the filter should also be scrapped.