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When do I Need to Replace the Filter Element of the Water Filter?

Aug. 31, 2020

Filter element is a professional term for filtration and purification function. In order to purify the original fluid resources and the simple device for separating resources, filter elements are now mainly used in filtration industries such as oil filtration, air filtration, and water filtration. The most common thing in life is the filter element in the household water purifier. Generally, the filter element needs to be replaced after a long time of use. So how do we judge whether the water purifier filter element needs to be replaced? The following V Type Combined Filter Supplier will explain to you:

PTFE Filter Cartridge

PTFE Filter Cartridge

(1) The water produced by the water purifier becomes smaller. Under the same conditions (such as the same water pressure and water temperature), the water purifier produces less water. Then it is very likely that the filter element is blocked. If the water purifier filter element is approaching its service life, then the water purifier needs to be replaced with a new filter element.

(2 (The RO reverse osmosis water purifier produces water too quickly. The water purifier has a noticeable increase in water output. This situation is generally caused by the damage of the RO membrane. At this time, we must replace the RO membrane with a new one, otherwise The water purifier will completely lose its filtering function.

(3) The taste of the water from the water purifier is poor. This is because the filter element of the water purifier filters too many impurities and bacteria, and the time accumulated in the filter element is too long, causing secondary pollution to the tap water. This is also telling us that the filter element needs to be replaced.

(4) The water purifier is estimated to reach 80% of the service life of the filter element according to time. The service life of the filter element is the ideal period for the use of the water purifier filter element. We all know that there is a gap between ideal and reality. In fact, in communities with serious water pollution, the filter element cannot be used for so long. In places with good water quality, it is not recommended to wait until the filter element expires before replacing it. We generally replace the filter element when it reaches about 80% of its ideal life.

Before use, the internal filter element of the water purifier must be flushed accordingly, so that the protective liquid in the filter element can be washed away. Secondly, it is to clean. There are generally three types of water purification products on the market: water purifiers, water purifiers and direct drinking machines, but different water purification products are composed of different filter elements. At the same time, when the product is used for a certain period of time, too many impurities and clogging of the filter element will inevitably occur. If the water output is less than half of the original amount, you can apply to the maintenance station of the after-sales service center for cleaning. When cleaning, it can be washed with medicine or backwash, and it can also have a good effect.

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