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The Operating Principle and Structural Characteristics of Sintered Mesh Filter Elements

Aug. 07, 2023

Sintered mesh filter element is a commonly used filtering material in modern industry. It is composed of metal fibers sintered together, possessing efficient filtration capability and a long lifespan. The sintered mesh filter element finds widespread applications, including in air filtration, water treatment, automotive and industrial filtration, among other fields. This article will present the working principle, structural characteristics, application areas, and maintenance methods of sintered mesh filter elements.

The Operating Principle and Structural Characteristics of Sintered Mesh Filter Elements

Operating Principle:

The sintered meshfilter element operates by using the filtering medium to separate impurities from fluids. When liquids or gases pass through the filter element, the high density and microstructure of the sintered mesh prevent impurities from passing through, achieving the filtration objective. Sintered mesh filter elements possess a high filtration accuracy, capable of removing tiny particles from liquids or gases, while also effectively separating oil-water mixtures.

Structural Characteristics:

The structural characteristics of sintered mesh filter elements are primarily evident in the shape and microstructure of the sintered metal fibers. The form of sintered metal fibers determines the rigidity and pressure resistance of the filter element, while also determining its shape and size. The microstructure is crucial for filtration accuracy and capability. The microstructure of the sintered mesh filter element includes a certain level of connectivity and pore size distribution pattern, ensuring the flow rate and filtration efficiency when fluids pass through.

Application Fields:

Sintered mesh filter elements find extensive applications in air filtration, water treatment, automotive, and industrial filtration domains. In air filtration, they are widely used in air purifiers, air filters, fan filters, and other equipment to remove harmful substances like bacteria, dust, and smoke from the air. In water treatment, sintered mesh filter elements can filter out microorganisms, particles, and pollutants in water to ensure safe and clean water quality. In the automotive and industrial filtration sectors, they can filter out dust and particles from the air to keep engines clean, as well as filter oil-water mixtures during industrial production processes, ensuring a safe and clean production environment.