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  • Multiple Bag Filter Housing
  • Multiple Bag Filter Housing
  • Multiple Bag Filter Housing

Multiple Bag Filter Housing

Products Details

Product Description 

Yitong stainless steel Mutiple Bag Filter Housing is mainly used for coarse filtration and prefiltration,it is easy to operate, high effective, suitable for high flow, high capacity filtering applications. The filter bags inside the filter will be fixed well by the clamp ring, whihc provide great leakproofness.The 100% 304 or 316 stainless steel structrue makes it is corrosive-resitant, and gives a loonger service life.Due to its large size, many filters bags can be put into the filter housing, which can provide super high flow rate. 

Multiple Bag Filter

Product Feature

1 Easy to operate, economical, suitable for high flux situation. 

2 The spring is used to press the ring of filter bag tightly, make sure the leakproofness between the filter bag and the housing. 

3 The upper-lower path is adopted, the feed method is reasonable, easy to operate.

4 Mnay filter bags can be contained-Super large flow. 


It is suitable for the pre-filtration and rough filtration of the fluids with a certain content of solids, usually applied in the high flow rate filtration and security filtration.

Technical Parameter

1. Surface Finish

Finish typeMechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, sand blasting,pickling
Polishing precisionInner surface Ra≦0.6um, Outside surface Ra≦0.8um
Basket 0.6um

2. Operating Condition

Max operating pressure: 1.0 Mpa

Max operating temperature: 150 ℃

3. Material

Shell/cylinder: 304, 316L, SAF2507

Eye-bolt: SS304

Stabilizer blade: SS304


4. Connection:

Connection of shell: flange

In-outlet N1,N2: flange, quick-open, screw thread

Pressure gauge: 1/2"female thread

Vent valve: 1/2"male thread

5. Dimension

Description#2 bag
2 pcs3pcs4pcs5pcs7pcs
Distance from inlet to centre-mm300325329378439
Height from inlet to ground-mm13301350142314391480
Height from outlet to ground-mm300350400
In-outlet size-inch4"5"
Max flow cbm/h80120160200280

#1 bag: 180*430mm, #2 bag: 180*810mm #3 bag: 105*230mm#4 bag: 105*380mm