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Principle and characteristics of high efficiency filter

May. 30, 2020

High efficiency filter is the most popular purification equipment at present, and it is also an indispensable part of industrial environmental protection. As a new type of purification equipment, the biggest feature of high efficiency filter is that it can catch 0.1-0.5um fine particles, even for other pollutants, it also has a good filtering effect, which also adds a safety guarantee for our environment.

Principle and characteristics of high efficiency filter

The filter layer of the high efficiency filter traps particles in four main ways:

1 Interception effect: when particles of a certain particle size move near the fiber surface, the distance between the center line and the fiber surface is less than the particle radius, the particles will be intercepted by the filter material fiber and deposited.

2 Inertia effect: when a particle has a large mass or a high velocity, it is deposited on the surface of the fiber due to its inertia.

3 Electrostatic effect: the fibers or particles may have electric charge, which will produce electrostatic effect to attract particles and adsorb the particles.

4 Diffusion motion: examples of small particle sizes where Brownian motion is strong and tends to collide with the fiber surface and deposit. With the increase of the filter particle quantity, the filtration efficiency of the filter layer will decrease, while the resistance will increase. When it reaches a certain value, it should be replaced in time to ensure the cleanliness of the purification. 

Our common high efficiency filter, is mostly the use of aluminum alloy frame, no partition, such equipment, not only good sealing, and filter is not easy to leak. The industrial high efficiency filter is more resistant to corrosion and heat on the structure. The filter material of the hepa filter is made of ultra-fine glass fiber paper, which does not miss any tiny particles, so as to make our environment cleaner and industrial production safer.

The maximum operating efficiency of the high efficiency filter can reach 99.999%0.3um under normal operating conditions. Because of its high efficiency, hepa filter has been widely used in many industries, especially in pharmaceutical filtration, food filtration and electronic filtration.

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