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  • YTHF filter cartridge
  • YTHF filter cartridge
  • YTHF filter cartridge
  • YTHF filter cartridge

YTHF filter cartridge

Products Details

Product Description

YT high flow rate filter element adopts imported polyester fabric filter material, which has durable performance. The filter media, center rod and end cover are glued together as a whole. Thanks to its pleated design, it provides larger filtration area, longer service life, fewer renewal times and lower filtration cost compared with common filter elements. For the industrial application, it is an economical filter product. It can replace 3M filter elements such as HF40PP005, HF40PP010, HF40PP040, HF40PP070 and HF40PP100.

Product characteristics

Horizontal pleated design makes the filter core have super large filtration area, low pressure and high flow rate.

1. Large dirt-holding capacity and long service life

Adopting imported fine depth polypropylene fiber membrane and multiple-layer pore size filter structure design 

2. specifications are customized

Pore size: from 1um to 100um for different filtering grades.

Length: commonly 20","40","60", also can be customized.


Product parameters

Outer diameter: 6 inch (152 mm)

Length: 20 inch (528 mm)/ 40 inch (1022 mm)/ 60 inch (1538 mm)

Filter Material: Pleated Glass Fiber, Deep Polypropylene (PP)

Support/diversion layer: polypropylene

End cap: glass fiber reinforced polypropylene

O-ring sealing material: ethylene-propylene rubber, nitrile-butadiene rubber

Filtration accuracy: 1um, 5um, 6um, 10 um, 20 um, 40 um, 70 um, 100 um, etc.

Maximum operating temperature:pleated glass fiber: 121 C; pleated polypropylene: 82 C;

Maximum pressure drop: pleated glass fiber: 3.4Bar, 121 C; pleated polypropylene: 3.4bar, 82 C;

Recommended pressure drop for replacement of filter element: 2.4 bar, 20 C

Application area

RO security filtration, seawater desalination pretreatment

Filtration of condensed water in power plants

Filtration of raw materials, solvents and water in bio-pharmaceutical industry

Filtration of bottled water, sugar, edible oil, juice, soft drinks and milk

Paint, Coatings, Petrochemical Industry

Microelectronics, Films, Fibers, Resins

Product Advantages

The flow rate of a single filter element is large, and the maximum flow rate of a single filter element can reach 70 m3/h.

The installation cost is low and the operation cost is low.

Small number of filter element replacement;

The flow direction from outside to inside ensures that all impurities are intercepted in the filter element.

Non-metal skeleton to minimize the loss caused by discarding;

U-shaped sealing groove ensures high filtration efficiency.